Xurway™ is Azure’s Data Acquisition Platform that allows seamless data acquisition globally through any data collection mode including phone, web, IVR and in-person approach.

Xurway™ provides an easy-to-use scripting module that allows users to program surveys without the necessity of having programming or technical knowledge.

Key XurwayTM Features

  • Transforms questionnaires into browser-based, logically correct, feature-rich surveys which can be deployed on any data channel such as Telephonic, Online or In-Person.
  • Users can easily introduce skip patterns, piping and rotation algorithms on the survey instrument replicating the analyst’s instructions.
  • Creates multiple types of complex multi grid questions with logical computation built in to eliminate data collection errors.
  • Platform comes with multiple pre-designed CSS templates for the look and feel as required by the client.
  • Dramatically reduces the time it takes to publish the survey for testing purposes.
  • Capable of integrating with our highly sophisticated Reporting Portal for real-time updates on how the data collection happens when the study is live.
  • Able to activate and configure quota-full status on the study, preventing oversampling on specific quota segments.
  • Reverse engineered with our Sample Management System to ensure pre-populating of data where available, facilitating interviewers with relevant information during surveys.
  • Ability to flip languages on demand. Also supports responses from multiple types of keyboards (Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Indic languages etc.).