Private Equity and Investing


Private Equity and Investing-focused Companies research all the time. But there are gaps in the way things are done.

Azure Knowledge is a trusted source of proprietary data – we provide fast, accurate high-quality data whether your project is a small/local/online consumer survey, or a large B2B study on the other side of the world. With offices on 4 continents we are able to confidently assist with online, telephonic and F2F projects globally. In 2018, Azure made small but significant inroads into the PE community, with several interesting and tough projects delivered. This included in-person intercepts in Asia, consumer online studies in North America and B2B phone surveys in regions like the Baltics.

Larger PE firms and investment companies and teams (think M&A advisory and in-house corporate development) have established research teams and institutionalized processes and established vendors, but smaller firms do not – and can benefit from working with Azure . Even highly-experienced research teams at the best Private Equity and Investment Firms know that it’s simply too costly, too time consuming, and too challenging to attempt accurate data collection—local or distant—employing in-house resources alone.

That’s where Azure can help !

We know the markets we cover and can recommend the best approach to suit the local and cultural realities linked to fieldwork. And our global team, established partnerships, and well-honed and proven efficiencies in process and technology enable us to deliver accurate data quickly while pricing our services highly competitively.

Our focus is mostly on:
  • B2B online research
  • Healthcare online research
  • Multi-mode, multi-country complex studies
From an industry standpoint, our coverage is predominantly on:
  • Technology, Media, Telecoms
  • Healthcare, Pharma and Lifesciences
  • Consumer Goods and Retail
  • Banking, Financial Services and Retail
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing and Diversified Industrials
The Azure Differentiation vs. Current Alternatives
Management Consulting
  • Azure is faster and more cost-effective as compared to management consulting firms
  • We have greater global reach, and better access to hard-to-access audiences
  • We can also staff external experts and third-party partners for research
Specialist Panel Companies
  • Equal or lower costs
  • Azure has its own panels, and can work with 3rd party panels — and can also build bespoke respondent databases
  • Far greater global reach, and can work onshore, offshore or hybrid
Market Research Firms
  • Azure can staff from its network, industry experts — who not only provide insight but can also moderate primary interviews
  • Can provide desk-based/ secondary research capabilities as well
Databases and info Sources
  • Databases/information sources are static, and everyone has access to the same Far richer and more insightful information and insight, that is primary research based
  • Customized output as per client needs