DigiWalks™ allows respondents to virtually interact with environments and products in a realistic fashion with actual images of the environment, not animations.

Clients in sectors including CPG, Hotel and Entertainment, and Food Services use DigiWalks™ to inexpensively measure reactions to potentially large investment ideas, resulting in extremely high ROI.

DigiWalks™ is Azure’s proprietary technology that allows creation of 360 degree and Virtual Reality-based “Digital Walkthroughs” of spaces, both indoor and outdoor, with High-Definition quality and data integration that are user controlled and device agnostic, allowing users interactivity with the digital assets in the 360/VR environment.

How DigiWalksTM are Created

Azure has created proprietary equipment that is customized for high quality imagery, versatility in asset coverage type and with quick turnaround. Client is not required to invest in any equipment.

Azure has staff trained on creating high quality DigiWalks™ of various assets in different countries who can travel to client specified locations to shoot the walkthroughs providing quick turnaround.

Azure has a large team of foot soldiers, phone and desk researchers that can acquire, integrate, process and manage data related to each area/zone that is covered in the video shoot.

Azure has a trained back-end team that edits and digitally stitches the video output to create seamless walkthroughs customized to client’s requirements. The back-end team also integrates the data with the visuals to create a compelling and realistic customer experience.

Sample DigiWalksTM Output

VR Shopping and Eye Tracking Metrics

Gaze Tracking and Heat Maps

VR Shopping Facial Coding

Contact Azure today to learn how DigiWalksTM can help you leverage compelling digital experiences to make informed investments and foster stronger customer engagement.