Cloud Services

Rest Azure’d
It’s Dependable, Smarter, Faster and Secure way of
doing business, globally.

Offering Business Critical solutions and services pertaining to Integrated Communication, End to End Data Management and Analytics, Service Specific Mobility Solutions, Storage & Digital Fingerprinting.

Smart Communication

Tools that are able to give hyperlocal outreach with cloud-based command centers and processing of outreach programs.

Programming & Hosting

Azure’s cloud-based Hosted Programming Engine - Xurway

Business Intelligence

Analytical, user-defined, custom dashboards agnostic to data source, format and size.

Data & Analytics

Fastest and easiest way to capture data from stakeholders using phone, emails, online websites, mobile Apps and In Person Face to Face Media

Mobile Platforms

Develop and deploy Mobile Based Solutions and Workflows for Centralized Control, Governance and Management.

Virtual Reality Services

Azure’s proprietary technology that allows creation of 360 degree and VR spaces with High quality and data integration that are user controlled and device agnostic.

Customized Solutions

Tailor fit solutions for you mission critical requirements with Azure's Fast, Scalable, Dependable and Customized Azure Cloud Services.

ML - Machine Learning

Business driven machine learning platform with plug-and-play components which encourages experimentation and collaboration.