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Covering Any Audience for Any type of data & content using Any methodology across Any part of the world


Any audience

Whether it is reaching Business respondents, Healthcare respondents or Consumers, Azure has conducted hundreds of thousands of interviews with respondents at various levels, with varied roles and demographics. This includes CXOs, IT decision makers, Business decision makers, Key opinion leaders, Physicians, Patients, Nurses, High net worth individuals, Teenagers, Parents etc. among several other respondent types


Any type of data & content

Whether the data/content needs to be captured in textual, audio, visual or any other form, Azure has the ability, experience, tools and platforms to collect, process, manage and create appropriate visualization of data as per its clients’ needs and requirements. Azure has the capabilities and experience to seamlessly integrate all forms of data to create an integrated output for its clients


Any methodology

Whether the data needs to be extracted using secondary research, data mining or conducting primary research using phone, web, email or in person or requires qualitative techniques like focus groups, ethnography, in-depth interviews etc., Azure has extensive experience in collecting data and content using all methodologies and the expertise to decide the appropriate research methodology for a given requirement or situation


Any part of the world

Azure has the capabilities to conduct research in almost every country where research activity is conducted. In the past two years, Azure has successfully conducted research covering 173 countries using a variety of different techniques and methodologies thus providing a one-stop-shop solution for clients that want to conduct multi-country research and who demand standardized processes and output across countries/regions

Azure Advantage

  • Azure manages clients and research around the world, by our leadership and operations which span the US, India, and emerging markets across Africa, Asia and Latin America
  • Azure is one of the largest and most respected primary & business research service providers globally with more than 12 years of experience spanning more than 2400+ research studies
  • With its delivery centers in India, China, Kenya and USA and partners across the globe, Azure provides end to end market research services by utilizing qualitative and quantitative methodology, and offering business research

  • Leveraging our optimized delivery ecosystem we are best placed to accommodate client needs, data collection across platforms, interviewing tools and methodologies
  • We understand the markets we cover and can recommend the best approach to suit the local and cultural realities linked to international fieldwork
  • We constantly adapt and provide the most suitable methodologies and data solutions to generate actionable insights from varied audience types

  • Azure upholds a culture of quality, integrity and transparency. Employees are empowered to say “No” rather than deliver anything other than top-notch quality
  • 100% of the calls made are recorded
  • Unit Testing and System Testing by Data QA team on the data by running it through different routines and programs
  • Data delivery at 5%, 20%, 50% and 75% project completion of projects for validation from client and early correction
  • Adherence to all federal, state and industry standards and guidelines including FTC, MRSS and ESOMAR
  • ISO 27001 certified processes with ISO BS 7799 Data Security Standard implementation
  • Dedicated quality control and quality audit teams for each process and domain technology

  • Headquarters
  • Operations & Delivery Center
  • Field Operations
  • Client Services

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