Who We Serve

Market Research Firms

Market Research Firms provide their clients the insights needed to identify opportunities, hone strategies and increase market share. Many of the best Market Research Firms deliver unparalleled expertise in research consulting and project design, as well as critical findings, analysis and strategic recommendations with Azure supporting these efforts in a variety of ways.

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Consulting Firms and Advertising Agencies

Consulting Firms and Advertising Agencies are often confronted with the need to conduct company, competitor, product or brand related research. While online resources are sometimes appropriate, there will be times when a traditional research project might be necessary to best support your client.

On many occasions, you may need help with the fieldwork planning, scripting and data collection component of your research. That’s where Azure can help!

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Private Equity and Investing Clients

In the investing process, especially for due diligence, primary research is impactful and a source of true insight. However, because of time, cost and access challenges, private equity and investing professionals do not use primary research to the fullest extent. Azure offers primary research driven insight that supports investing processes, especially due diligence, but also industry scans and towards portfolio support.

We help in insight generation while addressing challenges relating to time, cost and access!



Data is the new Competitive Frontier for Business. Azure offers Brands an array of services designed to help them leverage that competitive power of data to hone their products and strategies, enhance their customer and competitor knowledge, and deliver richer data experiences. If you’re looking to data as a competitive tool, Azure should be your data partner.

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Data is power. Everything else is just a commodity.

Azure is your trusted partner to access, collect, manage and experience the world’s data.