Azure Expertise

Azure leads the world in data services—qualitative, quantitative, and visualization. No other single firm has the global reach, established partnerships, and breadth of experience Azure can bring to your project.

Breadth of Experience
With offices on four continents, and experience conducting more than 24M surveys across 80 countries in 25 languages, Azure should be your go-to partner for data. We know the markets we cover and can recommend the best approach to suit the local and cultural realities linked to international fieldwork.

Whether you need to field a very large and broad web survey in your own country, or need feet-on-the-ground, door-to-door, validated data collection on the other side of the world, Azure delivers.

Single Point of Contact
As a client, you benefit from working with your own Azure team in your own country, regardless of your research location, method, or scope. With Azure, you are never confronted with the challenges of multiple teams, processes, time zones, prices, protocols or an array of disparate deliverables.

Competitive Pricing
Though we are a leading global firm, our well-honed and proven efficiencies in process and technology enable us to price our services highly competitively. You get the benefit of big-company experience and methods, at prices more comparable to smaller boutique firms.

Peace of Mind
Why Azure? Because the risks associated with bad or incorrect data are far worse than the risk of operating a business with no data at all. With Azure, you can be confident that you’ve partnered with the world’s most trusted data source.