Danielle Ribeiro de Souza

Country Manager, Brazil

  • Overall 10 years of experience in market research while handling international and national projects; both qualitative & quantitative
  • A post graduate in Consumer Science and Psychodrama and a graduate in Psychology which strengthens her research skills by improving the research strategy.
    • Her experience in market research covers a wide range of research techniques such as detail aid test and recall tests, brand iconography tests (brand name test, brand image test, packaging test), product campaign & messaging assessment, treatment approach evaluation or product profile evaluation. Has gained experience in MR in different industries such as food, cosmetics, personal care or retail, healthcare, agriculture, IT, B2B. An expert in development of screeners, discussion guide and questionnaire, moderation, analysis, coordination of projects and quality check. Has ability to understand client objectives and needs to guide the interview according to the answers and client expectations.