Project Management Office

What is the Project Management Office (PMO)?
The PMO helps clients overcome some key challenges that most companies face today. Azure’s PMO solution enables clients to gain a competitive edge by leveraging operational efficiency at economical costs. Some of the challenges the PMO helps address are:

  • Need to add greater value, provide more for less: The PMO allows clients to focus on high value, more strategic activities by removing the need to focus on project management, coordination and execution
  • Need for quick solutions, faster turnaround: The PMO works across different time zones, thus maximizing productivity within a 24 hour day
  • Need to simplify complex processes to execute effectively: Projects are global, multi-lingual and multi-country. Azure has access to experienced resources in all major economic regions of the world through a network of global partners. The PMO leverages this reach and experience

How the PMO works
Azure’s Project Management Office (PMO) is a one stop solution for all Market Research project management and execution needs. We provide the following services: The PMO helps clients overcome some key challenges that most companies in the research and consulting space face today. Azure’s PMO solution enables clients to gain competitive by leveraging operational efficiencies at economical costs. Some of the challenges the PMO helps address are:

  • Survey Programming (for web surveys)
  • Data Collection (Phone/Web; Qualitative/Quantitative)
  • Data Processing and Management (Cleaning, Tabulation, Open End coding)
  • Charting & Reporting

Engaging the PMO
Clients design and scope the projects. The PMO executes data collection, data processing, analysis and basic reporting. These deliverables are sent back to the clients who can then conduct advanced analysis, add consultative insights and deliver the results to their clients.

The scope of work for clients on a typical Market Research project includes:

  • Pre-field Activities:
    • Research design
    • Scope definition
    • Selection of methodology
    • Questionnaire development
    • Sample provider selection & contracting (for online)
  • In-field Activities:
    • Share tab plan weighting memo, PPT templates
  • Post-field Activities:
    • Review interim tab and share revisions and additional analysis requirements
    • Review final deliverables, ask PMO for edits as required
    • Conduct further analysis
    • Add value & consultative insights
    • Present results to end client

The scope of work for Azure includes:

  • Pre-field Activities:
    • Field set-up as per required methodology: CATI or online
    • Survey programming
    • Coordination with online sample provider, contact list generation for CATI
    • Testing & QA processes
  • In-field Activities:
    • Soft launch, verification of interim data
    • Hard launch, real-time quota monitoring and daily reporting to the client
    • Share interim data with the client mid-way through field
    • Share interim tabs with the client
    • Ensure quotas met, close survey
    • Download final data, begin data QC and set-up for final tabs
  • Post-field Activities:
    • Share final data in SPSS and weighted tabs with client
    • Generate final tab and analysis output
    • Create basic PPT report(s) based on client instructions
    • Share final deliverables

Benefits of the PMO
The PMO helps ensure that clients spend minimum time on non-core activities such as managing multiple vendors, monitoring fieldwork and generating basic outputs. It provides a single-point of contact for all project execution needs and ensures high productivity and quality through process automation.

  • SPOC for all project needs, questions, requests and problem resolution
  • Tightly integrated project execution, all components managed under one roof
  • Shorter learning curves on projects
  • Efficiencies through standardization overtime
  • Efficiencies through process automation
  • Strong control on execution with flexibility to ramp-up/down rapidly
  • Ready access to dedicated staff at competitive costs
  • Access to latest tools and technology