Digital Transformation Services

As a part of its Digital Transformation Services offering, Azure provides Digi-walks™, an exclusive service that uses proprietary technology coupled with high quality information capture and a combination of advanced research methodologies to achieve dynamic digital experiences.

Azure has successfully implemented Digi-walks™ with numerous companies including e-commerce firms, technology vendors, travel & lifestyle retailers, real-estate firms, research agencies and consulting firms across multiple countries worldwide.

The Azure digital transformation team is currently working on an a large project called Smart City across leading cities of India that entails the collection of high quality relevant information of different parts of a city along with 360 degree digital walkthroughs using its Digi-walks™ service. In the first phase of this project, Azure is digitizing all the residential areas of Pune city, by capturing detailed public information from each area using an automated data collection platform on tablets. Azure currently has more than 600 trained data collection associates in different parts of Pune to assimilate this information, in addition to a team of 250 trained photographers that capture high quality photographs and digital walkthroughs using specially designed equipment. A person can digitally walk through any of these areas without the need to be physically present. Azure plans to digitize other parts of the city like schools, colleges, hospitals, parks, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, sight-seeing places.

Please contact one of our practice leaders for further information on this exciting new technology or if you would like to review case studies on previous projects.