Our Approach

Innovative Delivery Model

Azure clients gain a unique and innovative advantage that keeps them coming back.  Azure leverages global teams and technology to bring what is needed to deliver a project on time and on budget, via a single point of contact for our clients, simplifying the process while optimizing the resources at hand.

Our senior level project directors are in constant communication with internal teams and our clients, creating a seamless feel to even the most complex global projects.  Combined with the select Azure client relationship executives – your advocates within Azure — you have a powerful team working to make projects delivered on time and on budget.

Process Driven

A comprehensive, fully-tested and structured process approach is the foundation of Azure’s ability to deliver good data at high value.  We apply high-end project management resources, including use of PERT, CPM and Six Sigma approach, from project planning to delivery where appropriate. Highlights of our structured process include:

  • Striving towards COPC compliance and International Quality Guidelines/Norms
  • An Advanced SOP defined and documented for each project
  • A comprehensive checklist for voice and data quality assessment
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Quality You Can Trust

At Azure, everything we do is focused on delivering the highest quality data.  We apply rigorous quality assurance procedures throughout every data project to ensure the integrity of your results. Among the processes, technologies, and quality gates we apply are:

  • 100% of telephone survey calls made are recorded
  • GALEO which is our proprietary technology for validation of duration and location for all in-person surveying, globally
  • Dedicated quality control and quality audit teams for each process and technology domain, with Unit Testing and System Testing by our Data QA team
  • Data delivery at 5%, 20%, 50% and 75% of project completion for validation from client and early correction
  • Adherence to all federal, state and industry standards and guidelines including FTC, MRSS and ESOMAR
  • ISO 27001 certified processes with ISO BS 7799 Data Security Standard implementation
  • An extensive Business Contingency and Disaster Recovery Model


GALEO is a proprietary survey validation technology developed by Azure, which provides the needed confidence in the location and duration of each in-person survey event.

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DigiWalks enables users and shoppers to experience a 3D VR digital walk-through of any physical setting – store, restaurant, hotel, etc. — coupled with a high quality information capture of the visitor’s experience.



Xurway is Azure’s Data Acquisition Platform that allows for seamless data acquisition globally through any data collection mode including phone, web, IVR and in-person approach.