Xurway™ is Azure’s Data Acquisition Platform that allows for seamless data acquisition globally through any data collection mode including phone, web, IVR and in-person approach.

Xurway provides an easy-to-use scripting module that allows users to program surveys without the necessity of having programming or technical knowledge.

Xurway CATI

Computer Aided Telephonic Interviewing module for conducting phone based surveys.

The module seamlessly integrates with various dialing platforms and sample management platforms for efficient management of samples as well as optimized dialing. The module also allows recording of survey interviews and easy access to voice records using a structured search program.

Xurway CAPI

Computer Aided Personal Interviewing module for collecting survey data when using Face-to-Face or on-ground data collection using tablets, laptops or any mobile devices.

The module allows for data collection using interviewer-captured-response as well as respondent-self-completion mode. Xurway CAPI also allows for capture of pictures, videos, geo-tags of locations etc.

Xurway CAWI

Computer Aided Web Interviewing module for collecting data online when using web surveys.

This module allows for scripting of online surveys, setting up panel invites, managing redirect links and real-time quota management. The module has been used to program survey questionnaires with complex logic, conjoint sections and sections involving video/image response.

Key Xurway Features

Transforms questionnaires into browser-based, logically correct, feature-rich surveys which can be deployed on any data channel such as Telephonic, Online or In-Person.

Users can easily introduce skip patterns, piping and rotation algorithms on the survey instrument replicating the analyst’s instructions.

Creates multiple types of complex multi grid questions with logical computation built in to eliminate  data collection errors.

Platform comes with multiple pre-designed CSS templates for the look and feel as required by the client.

Dramatically reduces the time it takes to publish the survey for testing purposes.

Capable of integrating with our highly sophisticated Reporting Portal for real time updates on how the data collection happens when the study is live.

Able to activate and configure quota-full status on the study, preventing oversampling on specific quota segments.

Reverse engineered with our Sample Management System to ensure pre-populating of data where available, facilitating interviewers with relevant information during surveys.

Ability to flip languages on demand. Also supports responses from multiple types of keyboards (Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Indic languages etc)