Technology Solutions for Research and Analytics

Delivering the most accurate, reliable data is a fine craft of honed process, experience, and innovative technologies.

As a trusted, innovative leader in digital data collection and management, Azure has developed and refined a proprietary portfolio of innovative technologies designed to improve access, quality and value inherent in market research data.

Azure Technologies for Market Research

More tightly-targeted, faster, affordable and reliable market research data, for YOUR competitive advantage.

DigiWalks™ allows respondents to virtually interact (in 360-degree views) with environments and products in a realistic fashion with actual images of the environment, not animations.  Clients across a variety of sectors use DigiWalks™ to inexpensively measure reactions to potentially large investment ideas, resulting in extremely high ROI.

GALEOTM is our proprietary survey validation technology developed by Azure, which provides the needed confidence in the location and duration of each in-person survey event. By capturing and storing the GPS coordinates for, and duration of, each respondent interview, GALEO ensures that your in-person data can be trusted.

Xurway is Azure’s Data Acquisition Platform that allows for seamless data acquisition globally through any data collection mode including phone, web, IVR and in-person approach. Xurway provides an easy-to-use scripting module that allows users to program surveys without the necessity of having programming or technical knowledge.