Azure is a globally trusted company for simplifying and streamlining the processes of capturing, managing, organizing, sharing and experiencing market, competitor and organizational data.

Global Data Acquisition

Azure is a leading and trusted source allowing you to access local market data you can trust anywhere around the globe. We can provide you with fast, accurate high quality data whether your project is a small, local online survey, or a large, door-to-door survey on the other side of the world.

Data Management and Visualization

Our dedicated global team assists clients in organizing and cataloging data from disparate sources.  In addition, we develop custom access points and control levels that enable secure access to, and updating of, data.

Technology Solutions for Research and Analytics

Azure’s portfolio of innovative, proprietary technology solutions to improve the quality, efficiency, speed and reliability of research market data.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Explore Azure’s innovative new ways to leverage digital and VR technology to better engage clients, build stronger customer relationships, and showcase your products, facilities, or brands.

In your area, through a single point of contact, you get professionally managed access to our services. With Azure, you avoid the challenges of multiple teams, processes, time zones, prices, protocols or an array of disparate deliverables.

In a global marketplace where unquestioned data is critical, Azure delivers the competitive advantage businesses require.