Data Management and Visualization

High quality data sitting in unorganized silos is senseless, but many companies struggle with how to organize data — especially when it may have different, incompatible formats and sources — so that all who need it gain access and insights.

Azure’s Data Management Services provide clients with customized approaches to optimizing data and insights access for, those who need it most.  Our dedicated global team assists clients in organizing and cataloging data from disparate sources.  In addition, we develop custom access points and control levels that enable secure access to, and updating of, data.

Whether you are conducting market research, database findings and insights for a client, or your own company, Azure can assist in defining and building the best approach for data management and access for your team.

Exploiting the value and potential of data has always been a challenge to businesses – this has been true long before the concept of Big Data arrived on the scene

What is happening now is that developments in technology and in social behavior have created an explosion of raw data and growing awareness of the potential that exists to use these data productively

The volume of potentially valuable data has grown exponentially in recent years, but very little of it is harnessed and exploited

Data Management is the process of obtaining insight and competitive advantage from the multiple sources of data available to an organisation – internal and external, currently available or newly obtained, structured and unstructured, in numbers, words, pictures, video, audio and other formats. The Management process broadly comprises six stages, moving up the value chain

  • Data collection (primary research and survey programming)
  • Business/Secondary research (e.g. company / product profiling, investment research)
  • Data solutions (data cleansing, preparation, tabulation and integration)
  • Data analysis & reporting (charting, presenting, business dashboards, survey analytics)
  • Predictive analytics (analysis & visualization, predictive modeling, decision support)
  • Strategic consulting (competitive insight generation, transformation opportunities, leveraging all data assets)

Azure’s approach to Data Management combines the company’s long-standing and deeply rooted data research and manipulation expertise with business consulting, solutioning and predictive modeling techniques, to identify a client’s greatest areas of need and opportunity. We develop solutions to meet corporate objectives by developing robust and lasting Data Analytics strategies tailored to your needs. Our involvement ranges from advisory services through to a full service managed Data Analytics solution

  • The Azure Data Analytics solution is based on a few simple principles:
    Every business will have its own needs: we will come without preconceptions to customize a Data Analytics solution for you
  • Strategic, holistic approaches are not always the place to start: we are always ready to develop pragmatic solutions, driven by the answer to three questions:
    • What are the pressing business issues?
    • What are the key new and existing, internal and external sources of data?
    • How could Data Analytics transform your business?
  • The best solution is the one that meets immediate and long-term objectives: we will work with you to find the best way to exploit the enormous Data Analytics opportunity

We know that the journey to genuine exploitation of data assets can be a demanding one. Through our own expert resources and our extensive, quality controlled partner network, we provide the right people, in the right places, with the right expertise to make the journey a consistently successful one