Global Data Acquisition

Azure is a platform-enabled data company that helps global data and content acquisition of all kinds, stated or unstated, qualitative or quantitative, using the appropriate primary or secondary source combined with our technology platforms.

Azure is a leading and trusted source allowing you to access local market data you can trust anywhere around the globe. We can provide you with fast, accurate high quality data whether your project is a small, local online survey, or a large, door-to-door survey on the other side of the world.

Whether you are conducting market research for a client, or your own company, Azure can add value, accelerate progress, simplify process, and help you avoid unforeseen (and often costly) problems.

We provide you a ‘virtual’ core competency in Fieldwork, Sampling, Scripting, Data Collection, and Data Management and Processing, depending on your specific need.

You benefit from high quality, accurate data you can trust, avoid unnecessary errors and hassles of global research, and save time and money.

Azure offers the complete range of quantitative data collection methodologies. Our services include:

Phone Interviewing Through our state-of-the art CATI center, we offer solutions for both B2B and B2C interviewing. Our teams are able to reach and engage CxO’s, other senior executives and hard to reach consumer segments (seniors etc.) on complex topics, delivering exceptional intelligence for clients

Web/Online Surveys Azure has developed an advanced proprietary survey programming platform, which when combined with our survey programming capabilities on leading third-party tools such as ConfirmIT, Dimensions, Kinesis etc. gives us the ability to customize web surveys according to client needs

Strategic partnerships with leading global panel companies helps us source sample at competitive costs and allows us to provide end-to-end web survey solutions. We have completed 12 million+ web interviews using our proprietary survey programming platform and industry leading platforms

Face-to-Face Interviewing Our experienced teams of project managers, local team managers and supervisors work closely with own interviewing teams and a network of strategic partners if needed to bring local ‘in-market’ perspective to all projects

Mixed-Mode Interviewing Azure’s expertise in multiple modes of data collection allows us to execute complex projects involving a combination of telephone, web and face-to-face interviewing. Our advanced project management platform enables our project managers to monitor and manage projects using a single-point administration console, we have completed 1800+ multi country research projects

Azure has successfully completed a large number of qualitative studies since 2003. The Qualitative division is comprised of experienced moderators, senior interviewers and domain experts across key industries including Pharma/Healthcare, IT, BFSI and CPG/Retail, etc. Azure combines research expertise and access to the latest technology and infrastructure to offer a comprehensive portfolio of qualitative research methodologies. Our services include:

Focus Groups Azure’s team of moderators include a network of specialist moderators (by topics and geography) which provide clients access to a full suite of resources for conducting group discussions across sector specific topics and in multiple countries. Our teams have experience managing large groups, mini groups, dyads and triads. Our strategic partners also provide access to world-class facilities (including viewing rooms, AV feeds etc.) for conducting groups

In-depth Interviews Azure has a team of specialist interviewers for conducting complex unstructured interviews with senior business executives as well as diverse consumer segments. Researchers rely on extensive pre-interview preparations that include familiarizing themselves with discussion topics and respondent segments before conducting in-depth interviews

Consumer Immersion/Ethnography Azure’s network of skilled ethnographers and moderators combined provide clients with access to detailed insights into consumer behavior and lifestyles

Central Location Tests (CLTs) Azure has vast experience with organizing and executing CLTs for clients across sectors. Our projects provide critical insights into clients in key strategic areas

Home Use Tests (HUTs) Our large network of field researchers in multiple countries allows our clients to reach consumers in their homes. Through HUTs, we execute research projects in the ‘natural’ environment for consumers, minimizing research bias and providing high quality ‘contextual’ data to clients

Diary/Journal Studies Azure has extensive experience in recruiting and engaging respondents for long-term opt-in research including online diary and journal studies. Robust profile evaluations, real-time monitoring and back checks enable our team to deliver genuine and high quality information from such studies

Bulletin Boards Azure provides clients access to difficult to reach respondents through online bulletin boards. This solution is particularly useful for clients when the respondent segment they want to engage is scattered and mobile. Azure not only recruits such respondents but also manages the online bulletin board projects and delivers insightful data to clients

Azure has built its own proprietary panels in many G20 countries and has recruited thousands of respondents for data collection projects as well as undertaken custom panel building assignments. Depending on specific project needs, we also reach out to strategic local partners/providers across the globe to source specific sample worldwide

Key highlights of our team’s experience on Sample include:

  • ESOMAR & CASRO compliant
  • Recruitment for both offline and online research and for all types of methodologies: phone interviews, web surveys, in-depth consultations, groups etc.
  • Panel building using a ‘double opt-in’ approach. Potential panelists are first recruited via phone and then asked to opt-in online
  • Maintenance of panel on a periodic basis
  • Engaging consumers and difficult to reach respondent segments such as CxO’s, physicians, specialists, SMEs etc.
  • Recruitment for niche research topics and panels across multiple sectors including Healthcare, Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Technology etc.
  • Maintain sample integrity by taking care of speedsters, straight liners, Geo IP tracking, trap questions etc.

Azure leverages an extensive network of local ‘on-the-ground’ teams in multiple markets to conduct mystery shopping, quality audit, and other intelligence gathering assignments. Our services provide quality data that is used by clients to monitor internal operation, track competition and create meaningful experiences for their customers. Our team’s experience includes:

  • Managing multiple audit types including customer experience, price, product/shelf, promotions, location etc.
  • Collecting data on diverse topics such as competitive intelligence & benchmarking, pricing, retail discounting, promotions, service attributes, store attributes, staff attributes etc.
  • Azure draws on its vast experience to create custom audits for clients based on their needs However, the four most commonly requested audits that our team executes are:
    • Mystery Shopping – Evaluation of staff performance and in-store experience, validating proper implementation of promotional schemes
    • Shop/Retail Census & Audits – Product off-take and footfall measurement, evaluating product display, placement and merchandising
    • Location Audits – Branding location assessment
    • Market Research Quality Audits – Spot checks and call backs for Market Research data validation