Automotive: Truck Market Segmentation Study

Client: Market Research and Growth Consulting firm having expertise across Multiple Industries

Geographies Covered: Canada and USA

Project Objective(s)

  • The research objective was to gather the viewpoint of Fleet decision makers on the usage of medium & heavy duty vehicles which carry goods of different types such as food, garbage and utilities, on the highway.

Study methodology and specifics

  • It was a Quantitative Study and Phone based data collection methodology was employed.
  • Client wanted to field a survey to get the opinion of Fleet decision makers across North America on the usage of Medium and Heavy duty vehicles.
  • Azure was required to interview Fleet Managers, Fleet Directors, Transportation Heads and Maintenance Directors.
  • Azure effectively conducted survey of 100 respondents in USA (85) and Canada (15)
  • Key challenge faced by Azure was to maintain an LOI of 50 minutes throughout to avoid dropouts, which Azure was able to overcome, successfully.
  • Azure generated the tabulations and represented selected tables in PowerPoint using instructions provided by the client.