Consumer & Retail: Sports Brand Strength Study

Client: A leading Global Market Research firm

Geographies Covered: Egypt, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia

Project Objective(s)

  • A study designed to measure brand strength and other opinions amongst teens and young adults.

Study methodology and specifics

  • All respondents are to be randomly screened and recruited to various central locations equipped with internet or onsite at sports fields/facilities. The full interview consists of a self-administered online survey lasting 15 minutes.
  • It was a blinded and un-aided CLT research with absolutely no mention of Sports as the client wanted it to be referred to as a brand study.
  • Respondents were to be intercepted and administered the screener. Qualified respondents were led to a computer or provided with a tablet to complete the survey.
  • Azure’s Data Collection team delivered the project successfully to the client within the timelines.