Consumer & Retail: Shopper Research Study

Client: Leading global consumer goods company

Geographies Covered: India

Project Objective(s)

  • Study to understand shopper behavior in selected categories in India, covering channel dynamics, shopper profile, shopper mission, shopper behavior and purchase journey.

Study methodology and specifics

  • 3,500 in-store/ exit interviews were administered at 166 outlets across nine major cities in India and 300 accompanied shopping trips were conducted at six major outlets.
  • 17 focus group discussions (video recorded) and 20 video interviews with female shoppers were conducted in four major cities of India.
  • Successfully identified the ideal category definition and segmentation for coffee, instant noodles and chocolates, in the context of different channels, via focus group discussions.
  • Dedicated project management and delivery team of multi-lingual and multi-cultural interviewers traveled to 9 cities to facilitate successful completion of the project.