Consumer & Retail: Shopper Insights and Path to Purchase Study

Client: A leading global consumer product goods consulting firm

Geographies Covered: 9 cities in India, 8 cities in China and 4 cities in Indonesia

Project Objective(s)

  • To identify the ideal category definition & segmentation, Channel dynamics, Shopper profile, Shopper mission, Shopper behavior across path to purchase of coffee, instant noodles, chocolates and maternal milk product category in the context of the different channels – via Video interviews, exit interviews, in-store interviews

Study methodology and specifics

  • 8,200 in-store/ exit interviews were conducted in 166 outlets across major cities in India, China and Indonesia
  • 750 accompanied shopping trips were conducted in six major outlets. Heat map data was prepared for the shoppers shopping path
  • Focus group discussions (video recorded) were conducted across 10 major cities in India, China and Indonesia. Transcripts of the focus group discussions in English were shared with the client
  • 50 video interviews were conducted with female shoppers
  • Final data file of 8,200 in-store/exit interviews was delivered in SPSS format to the client. Data uploaded in customised template directly to client servers
  • Segmentation Report and Path to Purchase Behaviour Report were presented to client.