Consumer & Retail: Segmentation and Brand Awareness Study

Client: A leading Market Research firm

Geographies Covered: 10 countries

Project Objective(s)

  • A segmentation and brand-awareness study for various Taiwan industries. The target industries include ICT (e.g. PC/NB/networking products/storage/software etc.), Home leisure (e.g.: family daily necessities/ health related products/ Household appliances/ Transportations & accessories etc.) among some other industries.

Study methodology and specifics

  • Project was done in two phases: Phase 1 included- 5,000 CATI interviews and 1000 Exit-interviews; and Phase 2 included: 5,000 CATI interviews, 1000 Exit-interviews and 15 Focus Group Discussions (FGDs)
  • Based on the data collected, Azure was responsible for creating the segments and preparing a segmentation report
  • Other responsibilities include programming the links, and delivering final data in ASCII for quantitative interviews.
  • 50 video interviews were conducted with female shoppers
  • Azure managed the recruitment, moderation, and delivery of transcripts for qualitative phase.
  • Data was delivered as Data uploaded in customised template directly to client servers, Segmentation Report and Brand Awareness Report.