New Product Evaluation and Packaging Research

Client: A leading global healthcare MR agency

Geographies Covered:

Project Description

  • To introduce a new generic drug and evaluate packaging concepts.
  • To introduce a fixed dose combination (FDC) and new packaging concept for oral treatment of Type II diabetes, Hypertension & High LDL Cholesterol.
  • To evaluate reactions of healthcare professionals & pharmacists to the new product and the packaging concept.

Services Deployed

  • In-person / face to face interviews
  • Data processing, validation, and tabulation

Azure Solution

  • Designed the research and sampling plan
  • Created the discussion guide & show cards in consultation with the Client.
  • Presented research findings that helped address key questions related to the new product and packing concepts.

Engagement Model

Dedicated India-based project management team, with delivery teams in India, Japan, China and Korea to facilitate multiple time zone coverage and multi-lingual support