BFSI : India Start-ups Outlook Study

Client: A leading Management Consulting firm

Geographies Covered: India

Project Objective(s)

  • A research to understand current and future outlook of start ups across India

Study methodology and specifics

  • Azure was required to Analyze survey data, Write a complete report and Prepare data visualizations for media release.
  • Azure’s data analysis team worked extensively on QC and cleaning of survey data collected by client and Analyst team also worked on writing a full report which helped client get insights from survey data.
  • Data visualization team helped create info graphics that client could use for media release.
  • Azure’s solution was to Create analysis plan based on questionnaire, Analyze data to ensure statistical significance and create charts and Create charts and info graphics.
  • Dedicated project management staff was supported by a data processing team supported by imaging team to help create info graphics.