Healthcare: Global Bio-similar Trending Study

Client: A leading Healthcare Consulting firm

Geographies Covered: Spain, UK, Germany, France, Italy and USA

Project Objective(s)

  • The research objective was to gain oversight of or decision making responsibilities in any of the following stages of tendering and contracting contracting for Pharmacy Products.

Study methodology and specifics

  • The study was Qualitative in nature and Azure’s CATI team was given the task of recruiting the respondents in the targeted geographies.
  • The target audience were Hospital Pharmacy Directors, Hospital Purchasing Groups, Private Clinics for Specialty Therapy, Pharmaceutical Wholesalers, Specialty Pharmacy Directors, Integrated Delivery Networks, National Payers and Retail Pharmacies.
  • It was a time critical project for the Client as the Client wanted to field the survey within two weeks. Therefore, Azure’s Operations and Project Management team took it on high priority and successfully delivered a mix of recruits from each of the target segment based on the quota , within two weeks.