Healthcare: Elderly Healthcare C-SAT Study

Client: Top 10 Market Research and Consulting Company

Geographies Covered: USA

Project Objective(s)

  • Study conducted to measure Customer Satisfaction for the services provided by the end-client, which is a Healthcare services company

Study methodology and specifics

  • Quantitative study and data collection from elderly customers, using Phone based methodology in more than 20+ languages including Russian, Creole, Korean, Cantonese and Mandarin.
  • Utilized HIPPA certified resources to protect sensitive Patient Information.
  • Seamlessly integrated Azure’s systems with client’s CRM. Generated efficient ticketing system to notify client of emergencies and customer needs.
  • Successfully Handled call volumes from 600 to 6000+ on monthly basis
  • Provided highly skilled professional team with expertise in customer care services and Project Manager with medical background.
  • Azure’s CATI team received numerous accolades from the respondents for their courteous and sympathetic behavior towards them. Therefore, Azure is being awarded with this project since 2 years.