Database of Detailed Profiles of 20,000+ Pharma Products

Client: A large research firm and syndicated database provider

Location(s) of Data Collected: Publicly available databases and sources in multiple countries and languages

Project Objective(s)

  • To build a syndicated database with detailed profiles on over 20,000 drugs which are going off-patent and drugs in specific therapeutic areas


  • Completed Project (Total Time Taken: 6 months)


  • Developed unified template for all drugs with product overview, chemical composition and details, product description, lifecycle management (development history), marketing details, regulatory applications (date, type of approval), product sales (annualised sales by entity), exclusivity details (patent expiration dates) and details of each key milestone (development, regulatory, patent and trademark)
  • Recruited and staffed a dedicated team of 40 pharma experts with Masters degrees and 1-4 years of work experience; along with project management and quality control team
  • Leveraged a wide range of publicly-available databases and sources (regulatory authorities, patent offices, etc.) is several languages
  • Built a real-time online portal for entering drug information with in-built quality checks for data format, consistency and auto-filtering of outliers


  • Detailed excel profiles of each drug