Database of 24,000+ Power Projects in China

Client: A large research firm and syndicated database provider

Geographies Covered: China (Mainland)

Project Objective(s)

  • To build a syndicated database with key details of over 24,000 power plants and projects across fossil-fuel-based (thermal) and renewable energy


  • Completed Project (Total Time Taken: 12 months)
  • Database maintenance team deployed to continuously update database

Study methodology and specifics

  • Built detailed template for capturing over 120 data points for power plants producing wind, solar, hydropower and thermal power in China
  • Recruited and staffed a team of 10 resources in China with sector and language expertise with a project manager and quality coordinator for each type of power plant
  • Used a combination of secondary desk research by extracting detailed plant information from regulatory filings and primary research to ascertain other key details about the plant which were not publicly available
  • All information was translated to English and put in a common format with separate audit by quality check for completion of at least 20% of data points
  • Dedicated portal set up for daily reports to client with new, quality checked data uploaded on a daily basis


  • Detailed excel table