Channel Partner Study

Client: A leading IT Consulting Firm

Geographies Covered:

Project Description

  • A leading IT consulting firm wanted to identify unmet needs in channel partner programs across APAC and get insights on competitor channel partner programs.
  • The client also wanted to identify the preferred and most effective training methods for channel partners and understand models used by different vendors to engage with them.

Services Deployed

  • Multi-lingual phone-based data collection

Azure Solution

  • Azure conducted 150 IDIs across 10 countries.
  • Using the data delivered by Azure, the client was able to understand how channel partners perceived vendors, reasons for dissatisfaction with vendors, areas of improvement, important criteria for vendor partnership, most important incentive programs and key sources of sales leads.

Engagement Model

Dedicated project management staff was supported by a multi-lingual and multi-cultural team comprising interviewers from Azure’s internal staff and partner resources.