Brand Awareness Study

Client: Top global MR agency

Geographies Covered:

Project Description

  • The Client wanted to understand consumer/business buyers’ perception of Taiwanese products and the “Taiwan Excellence” logo.
  • Azure was required to manage the entire research program including quantitative telephonic surveys, exit-intercept interviews at promotional events, and FGDs.

Services Deployed

  • Exit Interviews, FGDs and multi-lingual phone-based data collection

Azure Solution

  • The project was executed in 2 phases.
  • In phase 1, Azure executed 5,000 CATI interviews and 1,000 exit interviews.
  • In phase 2, another 5,000 CATI and 1,000 exit interviews plus 15 FGDs were conducted with Azure managing the recruitment, moderation, and delivery of transcripts from the FGDs.

Engagement Model

Dedicated project management staff was supported by a multi-lingual and multi-cultural team comprising interviewers from Azure’s internal staff and partner resources.