BFSI: Banking Relationship Satisfaction Index

Client: A leading Management Consulting firm

Geographies Covered: US, UK, China, Korea, Germany, France, Russia, India, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia

Project Objective(s)

  • Study to identify and understand areas of opportunity and improvement across several key performance measures such as strategy, innovation, account team, ease of doing business and overall relationship

Study methodology and Specifics

  • Quantitative Study aimed at targeting CFOs, CEOs, CMOs, VPs and Product Managers of global financial institutions and merchants, by Phone based method for data collection from 13 countries.
  • Deployed highly experienced in-house moderators that led not only to the successful completion but also gave additional insights that were relevant to the core objective of the study.
  • Project management team and highly experienced moderators were deployed for the project and the entire project, including recruitment and moderation was successfully completed within timelines.
  • Client was also able to measure performance across several “secondary” areas of focus such as marketing, communications, products & services, implementation & delivery and advisors’ services.