Automobile Design Evaluation

Client: Top global MR agency

Geographies Covered:

Project Description

  • Azure’s client working with one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world wanted to evaluate the design of their new entry level hatchback for India.
  • The research objective was to to understand unmet needs, benchmark the product with competition and test their marketing messages and design.
  • Azure was required to recruit 10 respondents for car clinic and a subsequent FGD.

Services Deployed

  • Phone-based recruitment followed by a car clinic and FGD.

Azure Solution

  • Azure recruited 2 owners each of 5 different B-segment car models in India.
  • Respondents were taken to the client’s location outside India for the study.
  • The study helped the client in finalizing the design and marketing messages for their new car. Post research, the findings were implemented and the car was launched.

Engagement Model

A dedicated project management team and highly experienced moderators were deployed for the project. The entire project, including recruitment, moderation and travel arrangements was managed by Azure.